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​​​​​Central America


Central America is home to seven different countries; Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Each of these countries has something different to offer the travelers in terms of geography, culture, cuisine, activities and adventure. Here's a quick break down of the most visited countries in Central America and what each one has to offer.

Belize is often most thought  of as a  destination for scuba divers and snorkelers as it's home to the Big Blue Hole and a variety of magical reefs for the under water adventurers. In addition to it's famed water sports, it's also a culturally rich destination complete with Mayan and Garifuna influences. From Mayan ruins to rainforests to island cayes offering pure relaxation, Belize is sure to delight your senses.

Guatemala  is the birth place and the heartland of  ancient Mayan civilizations and this influence of the Mayan people can be felt throughout the country. Guatemala appeals to the lovers of culture and nature. No trip to Guatemala would be complete if one did not visit the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal in Peten. Travel to Lake Atitlan and take a boat tour around this massive lake with the back drop of beautiful volcano, cycle and hike around this spectacular setting or find yourself at a meditation center surrounded by natural splendor.  Visit Central America's first known capitol, Antigua. Stroll around the cobble stone streets and visit cathedrals, museums or just spend your time relaxing in the zocalo while enjoying the best of people watching. Guatemala is a most impressive country with something for everyone

El Salvador is a tiny little country nestled between Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. El Salvador is home to 23 active volcanoes that fill the countries landscape. El Salvador is  a surfers paradise, known for it's consistent and big waves for surfing. Adventure lovers will also appreciate epic volcanic and mountainous hiking opportunities, a myriad of waterfalls to explore as well as zip lining. Foodies will love eating Pupusas and enjoying fresh ceviche caught on the coasts!  From sleepy fishing villages to surf towns to quaint colonial towns filled with hand painted murals to the bustling San Salvador, El Salvador will inspire you. 

Costa Rica is known as an ecological paradise for nature lovers as well as adventure travelers alike. Costa Rica is the perfect place to immerse yourself in rainforests and observe flora, fauna and wildlife. If you are more adventurous, you can try your hands at surfing, white water rafting, hiking Mt. Chirripo or ziplining high above the rainforest canopy. Costa Rica is a perfect place for couples or families looking for a beautiful destination that offers something for everyone. 

Nicaragua  is a similar in geography to it's neighboring Central American Countries, with volcanoes, beaches, lakes and rainforests.  What makes Nicaragua unique to travelers is that it is still a place that feels off the beaten path yet safe and comfortable all at the same time. Colonial cities such as Grenada and Leon leave travelers feeling as though they've stepped back in time. Whether you are interested in surfing, adventuring, yoga or learning a Spanish, Nicaragua is a haven for all things inspired. 

Panama home to the infamous Panama Canal and the booming and modern Panama City, Panama will not disappoint. If you are interested in rainforest or a beach vacation or simply getting away from it all, Panama is the perfect spot for you.  You can explore volcanoes, white water raft or visit the Kuna tribe in San Blas islands for a real taste of cultural richness. Whatever direction you choose to travel, Panama will not disappoint.